Goat Browsing Services for your Community's Wildfire Protection Plan

Pasture and Ecological Restoration


Eliminating Invasive Weeds

The Shuswap River Canyon where BC Timbergoats is working is a collection of private properties surrounded by Crown land, some of which has been logged and ranged with cattle.  On several properties cattle had traditionally been grazed and reportedly maintained a ”park like condition“ along the flood plains of the river and for one reason or another grazing discontinued and dense vegetation on the flood plain established.  In many logged areas at higher elevation Ocean Spray Brush (Holodiscus Discolor, and several types of rose bush have been dominating creating densely vegetated thickets.  Surfer Cinquefoil is dominant in grassy parts of the range and along with Ocean Spray is the goats preferred forage.  Goats have also been documented feeding on stands of knotweed and burdoch.

Goats have significantly improved access to floodplain.  Goats Browsing Butterfly and Rose Bush.

Goats thrive on steep terrain and irrigation ditches!

(Above). Targeted Browsing along road side reduces fuel along evacuation route.  (Right) Goats manicure irrigation ditch and eliminate thick vegetation along river flood plain.



     Goat bedding is a nutrient rich bi-product that can be used as a mulch to cover unsightly piles of woody scraps.  Mulching these areas adds an extra layer of organic material to eliminate these as fuel sources and establish new vegetative growth.  In these videos driftwood was thatched with Goat bedding to create a Sand Dune and eliminate mosquito habitat in a low lying area.