Goat Browsing Services for your Community's Wildfire Protection Plan

Fire Smart Goatkeeping

Goats clear the underbrush and trample fine fuels like pine needs that litter the forest floor.

BC Timber Goats is on location in the North Okanagan

     With almost 150 Goats weighing near 5250 kgs, BC Timber Goats has been working in the North Okanagan  since May 2nd, 2019.  A goat herd of this size will eat and trample 262.5 Kgs of vegetation and wildfire fuels per day so as of this update we have delivered 23 360 kgs of fuel mitigation and soil enhancement! 

    Contact us to see how you can practice Fire Smart Goat Keeping on your own property! We can survey and clear unwanted vegetation from your property and provide assessments, maps and other data you can use to track changes in your property’s ecology over time.

Reliable Goatkeeping Standards and Training

     Getting goats for the first time can be intimidating so BC Timber Goats is there to act as a mentor to provide Reliable Goatkeeping Standards and Training for people new to Goats.  BC Timber Goats will help source goats for clients  based on  individual Goat goals and will purchase the offspring from your herd to help guarantee  a high quality supply of Kiko Goats for Working BC TG Herds.

Our Goats - The Kiko

     Kiko goats originated from Whalers in the South Pacific who released goats on the islands to help ensure a reliable food supply in such remote areas.  In the 1960's, after 150 or so years of natural selection,  some of these goats were captured by the New Zealanders and put through an intensive 30 year breeding program where they were crossed with with best features of different breeds too create a superior commercial goat.       These goats are bred to be hardy and low maintenance with strong maternal ability and parasite resistance.  This breed of goat is relatively new to Canada and rare in BC so our goat goal is to enable small producers to start crossing with Kiko genetics to help supply our larger wildfire fuel mitigation herds.

Commercial Kiko X Bucks

     Are you a goat keeper that would like to start raising goats  to supply goat fuel mitigation projects?  We have an excellent supply of Kiko and Kiko Cross commercial bucks that include:

  • Kiko x Boer/Nubian
  • Kiko x French Alpine
  • Kiko x Angora 
  • Kiko x Cashmere 
  • Kiko x Boer

Pictures to come!