Goat Browsing Services for your Community's Wildfire Protection Plan

Timber Goat Team


Ecological Consulting and Restoration

Natasha Murphy - Natasha achieved her Masters degree in Ecological Restoration from  SFU and Science from BCIT and has herded over 350 goats targeting Sulphur Cinquefoil (Potentilla Recta) in the Southern Interior.  She can help you do an Ecological Evaluation of your property to determine how goats or other methods could be effective for your stewardship goals.

Bruce Bradley - Like Goats much? Bruce is an Agricultural Consultant with a passion for brush control.  He studies Applied Sustainable Ranching at TRU and herds goats around with bikes, hockey sticks, dogs and and drones.  He is trained in Kinesiology and considers goat herding a hilarious and fun sport.  If you want goats at your place Bruce can help you get set up and even bring his goats! 

Justine Bouchard - Do you like fine art? Justine is a fine Artist studying watercolours and landscape painting and can provide you with a “plein-air” painting of your property.....or not, she herds goats too!

Long Term Soil Carbon Enhancement Validation

     A secondary effect of Management Intensive Grazing is the enhancement of Soil Carbon from root growth and increased biological activity.  Working with researchers,  BCTG can help members get funding for Soil Carbon Surveys and validate those results with researchers across BC.