Goat Browsing Services for your Community's Forest Management Plan


BC Timber Goats for your Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Timber Goats browsing Urban Wildland Interface reducing fuel surrounding residential buildings.

Improve Fire Breaks with a Goat Herd

     Goats are a great  way to check invasive weeds and mitigate wildfire fuel in the Urban Wildland Interface.  The average goat sequesters 1.75 kgs of vegetation per day through eating, it's kinetic effect on the ground and through the bush.   This type of goat browsing degrades fine fuels on the forest floor, eliminates deer tick habitat and predator cover from the UWI, lowering the risk of these hazards to the community.

Goats not only reduce forest fuels, they feed microorganisms in the soil that enhance stability.

Long Term Soil, Safety and Recreational Benefits

     Goats change the ecosystem of their environment by increasing the competitiveness and diversity of plant species by recycling dominant vegetation back into the soil.  This enhances the root growth of plants which is a tremendous source of carbon sequestration and can be measured over time by taking soil samples.   An enhanced root bed traps and holds soil in heavy rains and makes the remaining vegetation much more resistant to drought.

     By including BC Timber Goats in your community's forest management plan you can reduce hazards from wildfire, invasive weeds, deer ticks and predator cover from the Urban Wildland Interface.  Engage your community with novel recreation opportunities in this new risk reduced space.

    BC Timber Goats practices a regenerative and sustainable form of agriculture and by engaging BC Timber Goats your community can take action on Climate Change while improving the safety and sustainability of your Urban Wildland Interface.  Please contact us to find out how you can participate in a BC Timber Goat Invasive Weed and Fuel Mitigation Project Today. or 250-203-3534

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